SurfAid - proudly supported by Boost Mobile

Surfing has been part of the Boost Mobile DNA for the past 20 years and we have partnered with SurfAid to celebrate our 20th anniversary and support isolated communities connected by surfing.All profits from Boost Mobile refurb sales until 1st November will go to SurfAid and can help provide a year's access to clean water for families in remote villages in Indonesia.

Boost Mobile refurbished phones come with a 12 month warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee, FREE $30 Boost SIM and FREE shipping anywhere in Australia. The phones are all Australian compliant and have been data wiped and cross checked against a national police database. Checkout all the hottest devices including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy for a fraction of the price.


SurfAid’s mission is to improve the lives of women and children in remote areas connected to us through surfing. SurfAid specialises in working in very isolated villages where the maternal and child mortality rates are some of the highest in the world.

Our geographical focus is in the heartlands of surfing where few visitors but surfers go, make our work unique. We know that simple solutions like hand washing prior to delivering a baby, practising exclusive breastfeeding, and improving nutrition can have an enormously positive impact on the health of women and their families.